Statues, Busts and Other Customized Product Categories



Main activity is the realization of the statues and busts commissioned , customizable according to your photo or your own design. Thus we achieve a wide range of custom decor items: sculpture, busts, statues, carvings, monuments, caps, coats of arms, replicas of famous sculptures and other decorative elements for interior and exterior decor. However we realize the dimensions and the material requested by the customer, which can be plaster, cement marble, stone, marble, bronze, resin.

We are a professional and qualified team in this field that accurately reproduce any image or picture sent by the client, transforming it into a statue, bust, bas-relief or any other decorative element. Customized statues and busts can be a specific person, a fictional characters, religious figures, nudes, replicas of famous statues, equestrian statues, or anything else that the client wants. Customized statues can be miniature-size, natural size or larger.

In this range, particular interest is the large custom reliefs with historical theme. They have a double impact on the viewer: a work of art represents a real artistic value and informs the viewer about the historical moment it represents. Large custom reliefs with historical theme can be made of any material and any size. These are perfect for mounting in various public spaces, museums, passages, historical centers.

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